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Alumni Weekend in North America

The 2020 Oxford Alumni Weekend in New York, scheduled for 17 & 18 April 2020, has been postponed. Read a message from our Executive Director regarding this decision.


Will alumni events continue as planned?

Meeting Minds Europe (Berlin, Barcelona and Stockholm) and the NYC Alumni Weekend have been postponed (future dates to be determined). You can find more information on Meeting Minds FAQs. The Oxford & Cambridge Boat Races have been postponed. Check with your local alumni group regarding their scheduled events. If you have any questions regarding college events, you will need to contact them directly. You can find a directory here. We will let you know about future alumni events, for example our Masterclass series and Meeting Minds Oxford, as soon as plans are clear. 

For more information, please visit the Oxford Alumni Office FAQ page here.

Coronavirus: Oxford's Latest Research Updates

Coronavirus Research Microsite

Oxford's Online Resources

Oxford remains committed to providing access to the online resources available throughout the University, including remote education, digital collections from its museums, and opportunities to connect virtually. Links to many of these online resources can be found here.

Stay Connected

Many regional Oxford alumni groups continue to hold meetings via videoconference, allowing you to network and connect with fellow alumni. Find a group here.

North American Oxford Alumni Groups - Virtual Events Calendar.

The Oxford Alumni Community is a web platform designed to help alumni connect with each other all over the world. Learn more here.


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