Alumni Authors


As a celebration of our alumni, each month we will highlight a new book written by one of Oxford's North American-based alumni.
For February 2018, our author is H.B. Paksoy (St Antony's College, 1982).


H.B. Paksoy taught at Ohio State University, Franklin University, University of Massachusetts-Amherst, and Central Connecticut State University. He was a Faculty Associate at Harvard University prior.

Before retiring, some fifty of his research papers have appeared in over forty-five periodic journals and scholarly collections, in countries situated on all inhabited continents. Dr. Paksoy also published (as author or editor) sixteen other books. Since his retirement, Dr. Paksoy has been writing fiction. Before the present volume, he published a trilogy, under the series name Mayor of PØmpington.

Dr. Paksoy earned his DPhil from Oxford University (St Antony's College), England (with a Grant from the Committee of Vice-Chancellors and Principals of the Universities of the United Kingdom), M.A. at the University of Texas at Dallas (with a National Science Foundation Project Grant Assistantship), and B.S. at Trinity University (with Bostwick Scholarship).


You can purchase The Meeting on Amazon.


Are you an alumni author?

If you have written a book which was published within the last three years, or is due to be released soon, please email us the following information.

Your full name
Alumni number (or college/year of matriculation)
Title of book
Date of publication
Link to purchase the book online

We thank you for sharing your books with us, and will let you know if you are selected for a feature in the coming months.

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