Alumni Authors

As a celebration of our alumni, each month we will highlight a new book written by one of Oxford's North American-based alumni.
For May 2018, our author is Judith M. Taylor, Somerville College (1952).

Dr. Judith Taylor is a graduate of Somerville College (1952) and the Oxford University Medical School. She moved to the United States in 1959 and became a board-certified neurologist. She practiced neurology in New York, holding several academic positions at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine and then retired to San Francisco with her husband, Irvin S. Taylor MD, in 1994. Since retiring she has turned to the practice of history without a license and has written six books on horticultural history as well as numerous articles and book reviews on the same subject. Dr. Taylor has two sons and six grandchildren. Dr. Taylor was the honorary librarian of the San Francisco Garden Club and reviewed one of its library books each month in the club’s “Garden Gazette”. Her books include The Olive in California: history of an immigrant tree (2000), Tangible Memories: Californians and their gardens 1800 – 1950 (2003) and The Global Migrations of Ornamental Plants: how the world got into your garden (Missouri Botanical Garden Press 2009), Visions of Loveliness: the work of forgotten flower breeders  (Ohio University Press 2014) and An Abundance of Flowers: more great flower breeders of the past (Ohio University Press  2018). Her sixth book, A Five Year Plan for Geraniums: growing flowers commercially in East Germany 1946 –1989,  is in press. Dr. Taylor’s web site is:

You can purchase An Abundance of Flowers: more great flower breeders of the past on Amazon.


Are you an alumni author?

If you have written a book which was published within the last three years, or is due to be released soon, please email us the following information.

Your full name
Alumni number (or college/year of matriculation)
Title of book
Date of publication
Link to purchase the book online

We thank you for sharing your books with us, and will let you know if you are selected for a feature in the coming months.

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