New York Oxford & Cambridge
Boat Race Dinner Committee


The Oxford-Cambridge New York Boat Race Dinner Committee (BRDC) is an autonomous group recognized by the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge.  BRDC is operated by a Committee of volunteers.  All alumni of Oxford or Cambridge in the metropolitan area are nominal or at-large BRDC members and are eligible for BRDC Committee membership. [“Nominal” members are those with a strong connection to either University, illustrated in Article I (1) below, but no earned degree from either; “at-large” members are those who matriculated at either University, but are not earned-degree recipients or Committee members (who must be earned-degree recipients for active membership).]  BRDC’s programs, activities, and outreach will take place primarily in the New York-New Jersey-Connecticut area.  In cooperation with and support from the Universities’ alumni offices, BRDC intends to provide a focal point for meetings and social events for meetings among alumni through programs where all alumni can gather and share their experience of Oxford or Cambridge.

The following persons are current Committee members:

Mark Bennett (Robinson College, Cambridge)
Jack I. Carlson 
(Brasenose College, Oxford)
Udi Chattopadhyay (Sidney Sussex, Cambridge)  

Catherine Corman
 (Hertford College, Oxford)
Peter Dushkin (Queens’ College, Cambridge)
Sally Fan (Green Templeton College, Oxford), Vice-Chairperson for Operations
Hervé Gouraige (Merton College, Oxford), Chairperson Emeritus
Seth Lesser (Magdalen College, Oxford), Secretary
Lee Li (Darwin College, Cambridge), Vice-Chairperson for Finance
Simon Littlewood (Magdalen College, Oxford)

John Tepper Marlin (Trinity College, Oxford), Chairperson Emeritus
Elisabeth Overrend (Darwin College, Cambridge)
Dhaval J. Patel (St Hugh's College, Oxford), Chairperson
Julia Zamorska (Exeter College, Oxford)

If you would like to get in touch with the BRDC, please contact

The North American Office team